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Clif Bar Family Foundation – Small Grants

Deadline: October 1, 2021 12:00 am

Source: Clif Bar Family Foundation

Description: The Clif Bar Family Foundation provides grants in support of grassroots organizations in the areas of the environment, food and agriculture, preventative approach to people’s health, and sustainable community development. Grants are awarded for general organizational support as well as funding for specific projects. Priority will be given to applicants that address two or more funding priorities at the same time (which include strengthening the nation’s food system, enhancing equitable community health outcomes, and safeguarding the environment and natural resources), demonstrate strong community ties, and operate within viable and clearly defined plans for positive change.

Award: unspecified

Eligibility: U.S.-based 501(c)3 organizations

Deadline: Oct. 1, 2021; grants reviewed three times a year, Feb. 1, June 1, Oct. 1

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E2 Energy to Educate Grants

Deadline: October 1, 2021 12:00 am

Source: Constellation

Description: Program offers students from grade six through college opportunities to experience problem-solving of today’s and tomorrow’s energy challenges. Grants will be awarded in support of projects designed to enhance students’ understanding of science and technology and inspire them to think differently about energy. Projects should reach at least 100 students and align with the Constellation Energy to Educate Innovation Themes: Equity in Energy, Sustainability as a Lifestyle, and a Sustainable World. See website for more info.

Award: Up to $25,000 for grades 6-12 and up to $50,000 for colleges and universities

Eligibility: Returning awardees may reapply if all prior grant requirements are completed.

Deadline: Oct. 1, 2021

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Northwest Arkansas Design Excellence Program

Deadline: October 1, 2021 3:00 pm

Source: Walton Family Foundation

Description: The Northwest Arkansas Design Excellence Program promotes the highest level of design in the development of public buildings and spaces in Arkansas’ Benton and Washington counties. In 2021, the foundation is seeking statements of qualifications from architects, landscape architects, and urban designers. The Design Excellence Program selects professionals and projects based on four key principles: a commitment to strengthening public life; elevating standards of sustainability and resilience; celebrating local cultures and place; and building regional capacity. It is designed to accommodate nationally recognized, multi-disciplinary firms; smaller specialty firms; and young designers who may not yet be discovered. If selected, designers may participate for up to five years, or until they are chosen for a project. The program currently includes nearly fifty architecture and landscape architecture firms from fourteen states, Canada, and Denmark. See website for more info.

Award: Participation in the Design Excellence Program for up to five years or until selection for a project. Selection does not guarantee an interview for a project, nor does it guarantee that a project will ultimately be approved.

Eligibility: Design professionals, including those with experience in architecture, landscape architecture and urban design are encouraged to apply. This year’s application cycle places particular emphasis on firms with experience in inclusive and equitable public engagement, firms that would be interested in innovative neighborhood-scale projects, and firms with experience in mixed-income and missing middle housing.

Deadline: 5 pm CT, Oct. 1, 2021

Architecture Award External History / Theory

2021 IAWA Kristine Fallon Prize

Deadline: December 1, 2021 12:00 am

Source: International Archive of Women in Architecture (IAWA) Center, Virginia Tech

Description: The IAWA Center announces the 2021 IAWA Kristine Fallon Prize, inviting professionals and scholars to extend research into an important arena – women in architecture who have made significant contributions to the field through their work practicing at large U.S. firms in the second half of the 20th century. With important contributions made by women at large firms fundamentally unknown, research that documents this information is urgent. The IAWA Mission encourages such research in addition to the goal of preserving archival materials related to the work of women who shaped the designed environment, thus preserving for prosperity a record of their achievements. The recipient of the 2021 IAWA Kristine Fallon Prize will be selected through a jury process. The award will be granted to the best original work that addresses the call above. In the event that the jury finds no submission of adequate originality, substance and quality, the jury may decline to grant the Prize.

Award: $5000 prize will be awarded in two installments: $2,000 will be made available to the recipient upon announcement of the award in early January 2022 with the remaining $3000 of the award granted upon the presentation of the work during the 2022 IAWA Center Symposium in March at Virginia Tech. To complete the record of the prize, a copy of the final published work must also be donated to the IAWA.

Eligibility: The work submitted should be recently published (within the last five years) or publication-ready articles, chapters, books, manuscripts, dissertations, or exhibition catalogs, and should advance recognition of women’s contributions in architecture as framed above.

Deadline: Dec. 1, 2021

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California Resilience Challenge

Deadline: September 13, 2021 5:00 pm

Source: Bay Area Council Foundation

Description: The California Resilience Challenge is a statewide effort, led by businesses, utilities, and a diverse range of partners, to build local and regional climate resilience and to support a shared vision for a resilient California in the face of increasing climate threats. The Challenge is providing grants for diverse, replicable and innovative climate change adaptation planning projects across California. These projects will reflect California’s diverse geography and showcase leadership in climate change adaptation. Eligible projects will consist of planning projects that are targeted at improving local or regional resilience to one or more of the following four climate challenges and water and air quality impacts of the foregoing: drought, flooding, including from sea level rise, extreme heat and increasing frequency of hot days, and wildfire. Please see RFP for full details.

Award: $100,000-200,000

Eligibility: California-based non-government organizations, including community-based organizations, representing under-resourced communities are encouraged to apply, as are local California public entities that represent under-resourced communities. See website for more info on eligible applicants. and communities.

Deadline: 5 pm PT, Sept. 13, 2021

Architecture External Fellowship History / Theory

Edilia & Francois-Auguste de Montequin Fellowship

Deadline: September 30, 2021 12:00 am

Source: Society of Architectural Historians

Description: Provides support for travel related to research on Spanish, Portuguese, or Ibero-American architecture.  

Award: $2,000 fellowship for an advanced graduate student and a $6,000 fellowship for a senior or emerging scholar

Eligibility: Graduate students who have completed their coursework and are engaged in doctoral dissertation research and senior or emerging scholars who have completed their PhD or equivalent terminal degree are eligible. The research to be supported must focus on Spanish, Portuguese, or Ibero-American architecture, including colonial architecture produced by the Spaniards in the Philippines and what is today the United States. The applicant must be a current member of SAH. 

Deadline: Sept. 30, 2021

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Hodder Fellowship

Deadline: September 14, 2021 2:00 pm

Source: Lewis Center for the Arts, Princeton University

Description: The Hodder Fellowship will be given to artists and writers of exceptional promise to pursue independent projects at Princeton University during the academic year. Potential Hodder Fellows are composers, choreographers, performance artists, visual artists, writers, translators, or other kinds of artists or humanists who have “much more than ordinary intellectual and literary gifts”; they are selected more “for promise than for performance.” Given the strength of the applicant pool, most successful Fellows have published a first book or have similar achievements in their own fields; the Hodder is designed to provide Fellows with the “studious leisure” to undertake significant new work.

Award: 10-month appointment and $86,000 stipend to pursue independent projects at Princeton during the academic year; fellows also receive $5,000 for research expenses and $2,000 for classroom expenses.

Eligibility: Artists whose achievements have been recognized as demonstrating extraordinary promise in any area of artistic practice and teaching are welcome to apply. Fellowships are not intended to fund work leading to a PhD or an advanced degree. Holders of a PhD degree from Princeton University are ineligible. Applicants need not be U.S. citizens to apply.

Deadline: 5 pm ET, Sept. 14, 2021

Architecture Design External Landscape Architecture Residency

Ucross Artist Residencies

Deadline: September 1, 2021 12:00 am

Source: Ucross Foundation

Description: Since its founding in 1981 and first residency period in 1983, Ucross has grown into a vital and relevant resource for artists of all backgrounds and disciplines, who come to Ucross from all over the United States and the world. Ucross strives to provide a respectful, comfortable, and productive environment, freeing artists from the pressures and distractions of daily life. Each year, they provide residencies to approximately 100 individuals. Residencies range from two weeks to six weeks in length. At any one time, there are up to ten individuals in residence, typically four writers, four visual artists, and two composers.

Award: 2-6 week residency, including lodging, meals, and work space.

Eligibility: Open to visual artists, writers, composers, choreographers, interdisciplinary artists, performance artists, and collaborative teams. Applicants must exhibit professional standing in their field; both established and emerging artists are encouraged to apply. 

Deadline: Sept. 1, 2021

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National Humanities Center Residential Fellowship

Deadline: October 7, 2021 12:00 am

Source: National Humanities Center

Description: Each year, the National Humanities Center welcomes up to 40 scholars from across the humanities and all over the world. During their time in residence, Fellows are given the freedom to work on their projects while benefiting from the exceptional services of the Center. In addition to scholars from all fields of the humanities, the Center accepts individuals from the natural and social sciences, the arts, the professions, and public life who are engaged in humanistic projects. 

Award: The amounts awarded are individually determined, according to the needs of the Fellow and the Center’s ability to meet them. The Center seeks to provide half salary up to $65,000. Other grants or institutional support that Fellows will receive during their fellowship may also affect the amount of the Center’s stipend.

Eligibility: Applicants must have a doctorate or equivalent scholarly credentials. Mid-career and senior scholars are encouraged to apply. Emerging scholars with a strong record of peer-reviewed work may also apply. The Center does not support the revision of doctoral dissertations.

Deadline: October 7, 2021

Architecture Building Science External Grant Landscape Architecture Urbanism

California Environmental Grassroots Fund

Deadline: November 1, 2021 5:00 pm

Source: The Grassroots Fund is a pooled re-granting fund supported by about 20 funding partners with the Rose Foundation serving as host and trustee.

Description: The California Environmental Grassroots Fund supports small grassroots groups across California that are tackling tough environmental problems including toxic pollution, urban sprawl, sustainable agriculture, climate change, environmental degradation of our rivers and wild places, as well as, of our communities and our health. Guided by a board of community activists and veteran funders, the Fund’s mission is to bridge a significant gap between grassroots environmental groups and the traditional funding patterns of organized philanthropy by awarding small grants to small organizations that are underserved by most foundations’ funding strategies. Issues supported include but are not limited to environmental health & justice, land management & urban sprawl, habitat & wilderness protection, sustainable forestry, water resources, agriculture, sustainability, and pollution. 

Award: Up to $5,000

Eligibility: Eligible applicants must meet the following criteria: project impact must be within California; organization must have annual income/expenses of $100k or less; and applicants may be a nonprofit, be fiscally sponsored by another nonprofit, or ask for fiscal sponsorship from the fund. See website for full eligibility details.

Deadline: The Grassroots Fund has an application deadline every three months. Applications must be submitted by 5 pm on the deadline date of: Feb. 1, May 1, Aug. 1, and Nov. 1. If the deadline falls on a Saturday, Sunday or official holiday, then submissions are due at 5pm on the next business day.